Matthew Sanders
“de Poel is proud to sponsor the Disability Standard, a ground-breaking tool to help businesses become more disability-smart for their employees and service users. As Partners of Business Disability Forum, de Poel is thoroughly committed to encouraging businesses to have an inclusive and diverse workforce, whilst ensuring disabled customers are valued and their needs addressed.”
Matthew Sanders
Founder and CEO, de Poel

EFDS - English Federation of Disability Sport

  • Deaf Awareness Week: Connect and communicate in sport and
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Voters with a disability are reminded there should be no barriers to them casting their vote on 7 May

  • Voters with a disability are being reminded by the
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Disabled website users vote 'none of the above'

  • In an election where every vote counts, the political parties should take note and put
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How employers can boost employees' emotional resilience

  • Mental wellbeing is currently the talk of the corporate town, with mindfulness having become one
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Political parties launch 'easy read' manifestos to attract learning disability vote in general election

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