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“Accenture is committed to diversity in the workplace and is continually looking for ways to better support its employees with visible and non-visible disabilities. Our sponsorship of Business Disability Forum’s Disability Standard demonstrates the drive the company has towards creating an inclusive environment for all.”
Zahra Bahrololoumi
Head of Human Capital and Diversity at Accenture UK

Employers have a duty to deal with stress and mental health at work

  • The number of employees absent from work due to stress and mental health conditions is rising. The most recent government figures show the number of days lost to stress, depression and anxiety increased by 24 per cent in the UK between 2009 and 2013. (CIPD)
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International day of persons with disabilities: 3rd December 2015 – Inclusion matters

  • One in 13 Brits are disabled and around the world, the disabled population is estimated to be one billion people. Inclusion is such a key issue for disabled people that it’s unsurprising the United Nations has chosen this as a focus for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. (Able Magazine)
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Designing the health care environment

  • Design in hospitals can be utilised to ease patient experience and to aid wayfinding. Don’t feel bad about investing in better places for staff. A happier and more professional workforce makes for better care. (Health Business)
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Tackling diversity in engineering

  • A report published by the Royal Academy of Engineering has suggested that, while many UK engineering companies are already engaged in driving better gender balance in the engineering profession, more work is needed in promoting ethnicity/race, sexual orientation and disability diversity. (Eureka Magazine)
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Equity moves to reassure performers about the impact of new equality monitoring

  • Performers are to be given support and guidance about what personal information they will be required to share under new equality monitoring rules. In a move aimed at improving cultural diversity in the UK, Arts Council England's national portfolio organisations now have to submit data on the diversity of their casts. (The Stage)
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