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“Accenture is committed to diversity in the workplace and is continually looking for ways to better support its employees with visible and non-visible disabilities. Our sponsorship of Business Disability Forum’s Disability Standard demonstrates the drive the company has towards creating an inclusive environment for all.”
Zahra Bahrololoumi
Head of Human Capital and Diversity at Accenture UK

Attitude is Everything partner with Venues Day 2015

  • A one-day event will focus on the needs of small and medium scale music venues from across the UK who, alongside representatives from government and the cultural & music industries, will explore how to support the future of the UK’s vital grassroots music circuit. (Record of the Day)
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Rethink Mental Illness releases moving short film for Schizophrenia Awareness Week

  • For Schizophrenia Awareness Week 2015 (5th – 10th October), Rethink Mental Illness has created a powerful short film exploring the stories of four people with schizophrenia. (Charity Digital News)
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New professional development network hub for disabled employees

  • PurpleSpace is an innovative online platform that brings together disability network leaders in the workplace to share best practice advice. (Business Disability Forum)
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Deloitte switches to ‘blind CV’ hiring strategy to boost diversity

  • Professional services firm Deloitte has revamped its recruitment process to hide the school and university candidates attended until a job offer is made. (CIPD)
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Employers should support sub-networks within their disability network

  • Employers should support the creation of sub-networks within their disability network, according to Kate Nash, creator of networking services Purple Space and Kate Nash Associates. (HR Magazine)
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